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This is a call to get up, get out and do that “thing” you really really want to do, whatever it is. Essentia powers your resilience with supercharged, ionized, alkaline water that rehydrates you better.

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We believe systemic changes begin by actively being part of the solution - now and into the future. Which is why we’re contributing to @NatUrbanLeague, @UNCF, and @BlackVotersMtr. In the weeks and months ahead we’ll continue to do the work.

What type of water do you drink? @essentiawater is providing my hydration for today. This is the BEST water. Try it now. I’m down to my last case, maybe I can get them to ship me some. 😁 #Advertisement #Essentia

Best water if you ask me @essentiawater

Giving this @essentiawater a try, I always see my guy @DangeRussWilson drinking it! It's gotta be good!

Our counselor at @PParkPanthers  should really be the model for @essentiawater . Wendy not only consumes it like the air she breathes, but saw this dope pic of her making her rounds at school before COVID19. Missing my sister & the rest of my Panther family. ❤️

@essentiawater is my favorite water. And this here is my last bottle! I gotta drink it in rations 😭

Shoutout @essentiawater & @BreckBrew.... cause that’s literally all that’s in my fridge

ME LOVE @essentiawater

@essentiawater profiteers no reason other than profits in a disaster why the price has nearly doubled in places or gone up 30% a disgrace, once I finish my supply it will be the last drop I ever take, I'll gladly go back to @PolandSpringWtr who denied to me they were gouging

Trying to ween myself off of caffeine #alternativeenergy @MrPeanut @essentiawater

@essentiawater Life ❤️🖤

Hanging with the bestie @essentiawater

Water is water to me. However, a couple of friends have been bragging about this brand. I am trying out for a couple of days. I’ll give my take later this week. @essentiawater #H2O


i keep myself strapped up @essentiawater #alkaline #energy

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Feeling thirsty wearing @ElieTahari abs drinking @essentiawater

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I am minding my business today and drinking my @essentiawater

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Up here with my favorite bottle of water. @essentiawater

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Hopped in my boys car and saw he was supporting the bro @PatrickMahomes @essentiawater  😂 chiefs fan in the making it all starts with water

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In 2019, four new Overachievers are joining Essentia Nation.


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