Believe+ was established to give back for the good of our communities and our environment. Our company mission is to improve lives through Essentia Hydration and inspire people everywhere to do the things that matter most to them. Believe+ focuses on meaningful contributions in two key areas: Humanitarian and Environmental support and we are particularly passionate about education and welfare; empowerment and social justice; as well as recycling and sustainability.


In our effort to help communities, families, and youth in need, Essentia provides monetary and product donations to our nonprofit partner organizations.

ASAS provides free after-school programs to empower and support underprivileged youth across our country. Since 2017, Essentia has underwritten their Sports as a Hook curriculum as well as supplied Essentia water, clothing, gear and supplies, along with experts to lead enrichment sessions.

Empowerment & Social Justice

At Essentia, we believe positive and necessary change begins by supporting education, voting rights, and social justice for black communities. Since 2020, we have contributed more than $400,000 to this cause.

UNCF (the United Negro College Fund) invests in better futures for black students and communities by providing crucial opportunities for higher education. Since 2020, we have donated $200,000 toward their mission and sponsored key fundraising events and scholarship programs including the Walk for Education and Portfolio Project.


We care deeply about our environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and evolving to more eco-friendly packaging. Our multi-pronged, long-and-short term approach aligns our strategic initiatives with sustainability—we’re thinking about everything from reducing plastic in our packaging to electrical vehicle transportation and achieving carbon neutrality certification.

Certified Carbon Neutral Packaging

We worked with Natural Capital Partners to become CarbonNeutral® packaging certified, offsetting the greenhouse emissions of our packaging by investing in low carbon sustainable development and renewable projects in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil, in addition to lowering carbon manufacturing throughout our production process. We are continuing to explore ways to offer our products in more eco-friendly packaging, as reducing our environmental impact remains a top priority.


This new, more sustainable format gives you all the #1 Alkaline Water you need, while using 80% less plastic than 8 (1L) bottles. It’s also made with 100% recycled corrugate that is 100% fully recyclable.
Made for a better planet. Made for more.

We work with The Recycling Partnership every year to bolster efforts to improve our country’s recycling system. We believe improved access, heightened education and business involvement will shift perceptions towards recycling. Please recycle.


Like-minded people competing, performing, creating and striving to be the best version of themselves. We believe in living passionately, purposefully and that good hydration is the key to unlocking your full potential.

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